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09 jun-10 june 2023

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training

Federal Directorate of Education

International EdTech Summit 2k24

The International EdTech Summit 2K24 is a trailblazing event that aims to bridge the industry-academic gap by bridging education and emerging technologies together and providing students with opportunities to showcase their skills and knowledge in the field of technology innovation to foster entrepreneurship in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Chief Guest

Mr. Mohsin Naqvi

The Honorable Chief Minister Punjab,

H.E Mohsin Raza Naqvi,

Punjab Civil Secretariat,

Lahore, Pakistan

Keynote Speakers

Topic: Emerging Technology Reshaping Global Economy

Topic: Shaping future AI, Tech and the vital role of school

Our Dignitaries

Dr Sabieh Anwar (LUMS)

Science Education in Pakistan and What It Needs

Dr Khawar Shehzad (CLC)

A successful combo (Skills, Knowledge and Values in Today’s Education)

Dr Waheed Chaudhry (Bath Spa University)

Importance of EdTech in the 21st Century

Dr Inam Jehangir

Knowledge economy initiative ( A case study)

Beena Raza

Usage of AI in Arts and Music

Syed Burhan Ali

Integration of emerging technologies in Crescent Educational trust

Panel Discussion

How to prepare school students for society using Emerging Technologies

Moderator: Badar Khushnood
Panelist 1: Farzana Shahid
Panelist 2: Dr. Khalid Khan
Panelist 3: Mr.Kamran Iftikhar Lone
Panelist 4: Ms.Bela Raza

We are excited to announce our two-panel discussion events on Industry expectations from academic institutes and the use of AI in every field. This event will bring together a panel of industrialists, innovators, think tanks, and experts in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to discuss technology education.

The panel will be moderated by an experienced educator with a background in STEAM education. The panelists will include educators, researchers, and practitioners with expertise in various areas of STEAM education. They will share their insights on the benefits of integrative learning and how it can be effectively implemented in classrooms.

During the panel discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with the panelists. They will also be able to learn more about the latest research and best practices in integrative technology learning in STEAM education and artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in every field. This event is a great opportunity for educators to learn more about the importance of

Call for Innovation Challenge 2k24

This competition is designed to enlighten students with one of the most critical health challenges of today’s time – Cancer. Understanding cancer is vital, as it involves a process where cells in the body lose control over their growth and interaction, leading to serious health impacts. The Groups shall be divided into two different categories category A from grade 06 to grade 08 and category B from grade 09 to grade 12 the most prevalent forms of cancer include Leukemia, brain and CNS tumors, and lymphomas. These diseases can significantly weaken the body, affecting both physical strength and the immune system.



The competition is an exciting event that brings together students and professionals from different schools & and colleges to showcase their skills and knowledge in the field of robotics. This competition features several categories, including a soccer bot, project exhibition, Quiz Buzz, and line follower robot. Each category tests different aspects of robotics and allows participants to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Project Exhibition Competition

Line Follower Robot (LFR)

Soccer-Bot Competition

Quiz-Buzz Competition

Speed-Racing Competition

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Innovation challenge

Sponsorship Call

Robotmea is excited to invite you to participate as a sponsor for our upcoming International edtech Summit 2k24, which will bring together school leaders, technology experts, and representatives from a variety of schools to discuss the latest trends and innovations in education technology.

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