There is no escape from technology in the present times. If we have to win our share and bring this technology to our service and benefit, we need to act fast and act right. I believe Robotmea has come as a vanguard to the region’s educational needs and to help transform the schooling landscape. Let’s join hands to embed technology in our school curriculums to the benefit of our future generations

Students are now listening to their classmates’ opinions and ideas. They are learning from each other.” Students are even looking for ways to build their skills further, with learning rotations and combined, multi-group challenges. Thanks Robotmea.

I have seen students are behaving differently after taking Robotmea Robotic & STEAM based classes and they are learning real technology and becoming more innovative. Robotmea trained teachers are inculcating the real core competencies of 21st century educational skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and most importantly character building. Well-done Robotmea team for reshaping Middle East, Africa & Pakistan towards innovative societies on the tenets of innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Robotmea has recently developed a complete course which can easily be added in three years diploma to shape the students towards robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and industrial automation and can easily be integrated in the areas not limited to Diploma of associate engineering (electronic, mechanical and computer).

Key Deliverables:

  • A complete curriculum for three years students (Progression on every level)
  • Taking students in the world of robotics
  • A complete exposure of mechanical, electrical with hardware software linkages.
  • A great way to learn programming and coding.
  • Students can prepare robots of their choice.
  • It has faster motors, precise control and accurate results.
  • Students can also prepare small solutions of home automation
  • They can also make prototypes of service robots
  • A final year project can be given to students of institute choice depending upon the level of the students.