Human resources development and vocational capacity development both emphasize the need for investment in people. These concepts help raise household incomes by increasing access to jobs and contribute to income- and innovation-driven growth by enhancing the value and quality of human resources.

The recent emergence of the fourth industrial revolution is expected to restructure the labor market, diminishing existing jobs and creating new ones. This changing environment calls for an urgent response. Although automation will likely replace some low-skilled jobs, intelligence-based innovation can reinforce the competitiveness of existing industries, and the creation of new industries through convergence may lead to greater job opportunities.

21st century has brought colossal technological transformation and as a result societies are transforming themselves in innovative societies as the world is already in 4th industrial revolution where robotics, internet of things, cyber physical system and artificial Intelligence is taking over the technology. It is the need of the hour that the educational system should be linked with the current job market and the highly complex industrial requirements.

Dr. Pearson, a fellow of the British Computer Society and the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce, has looked into the future of robots.

He predicts that, in just over 30 years, most Brits will have robots cooking and cleaning for them – with ‘billions’ of the machines worldwide. Robots will be commonplace in our homes by 2050 – with ‘android rights’ such as being treated with respect, an expert has predicted. The machines may even have to be PAID for their services, as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes increasingly advanced, Dr. Ian Pearson says.

Robotmea is an initiative of Time Dimension Middle East with the aim to provide technology integration solution to the educational institutions from Kindergarten to primary level, primary to secondary level, from secondary to technical colleges and universities level to prepare the future generation on 4th industrial.