what is P-R&CW?

Product-Research and Curriculum Wing (P-R&CW) is a pioneering department dedicated to advancing education through innovative research, product development, and curriculum design. P-R&CW focuses on creating comprehensive, research-based curricula for schools, colleges, and universities, with a strong emphasis on integrating emerging technologies into the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) curriculum.

P-R&CW is committed to fostering an educational environment that emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, and the seamless integration of modern technology. By focusing on emerging technologies, P-R&CW prepares students for the challenges of the 4th industrial revolution and beyond, ensuring they are equipped with the skills necessary for the future.

P-R&CW ensures the quality and relevance of academic content through meticulous review processes, maintaining high standards of educational excellence. Through its innovative approaches, P-R&CW continues to lead the way in modern education.

P-R&CW Project Executions: