Line Follower Robot (LFR)

The Line Follower Robot Competition is an exciting event that challenges participants to design and build a robot that can follow a pre-determined track. The competition consists of two rounds.

Round 1: Track Completion

In the first round of the LFR competition, the primary objective for each team is to successfully complete a predetermined track with their line-following robot. This track, designed with a series of turns and obstacles, challenges the teams to demonstrate their robot’s accuracy, sensor integration, and programming efficiency.

Round 2:
Speed Round

The second round ups the ante with a focus on speed. In this round, the same track is used, but the challenge is to complete it in the minimum possible time. This round tests not just the precision of the robots but also their speed and the teams’ ability to optimize their programming for quick navigation without compromising accuracy.

Who can participate

This competition is open exclusively to students in Grade (3-5) and Grades (6- 8).

Registration Fee

10,000/- per team and 3 members per team

Winning Prize

Shields & Prizes


Day Lunch, Refreshment, Certificate of Participation


Tracks will be revealed on March 25th, 2024

Note: For more details please read competition rule book.

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