Soccer-bot Competition

The Soccer Bot competition is an engaging and challenging event for students, forming a part of this summit. This competition focuses on the construction and application of robotic models using the Robotmea Primary Level Kit. It is structured in two distinct rounds.

  • Each team is allowed one robot on the field at a time.
  • This competition has two rounds one is a Building round and the other is a knockout round.
  • Robots must be controlled through wireless remote controls and only one person can control the robot.
  • Robots must be able to move around the field using wheels or similar means of propulsion.
  • Robots must be powered by a battery or other power source.
  • The field size and layout may vary depending on the competition, but it is typically a rectangular shape with goals at each end.
  • The game is divided into one half, and the team that scored two goals will be the winner.
  • The sides will be changed after the team scores the first goal.

Round 1: Building Round

Round 2: Knockout Round

Who can participate

This competition is open exclusively to students in Grade (3-5) & Grade (6-8).

Registration Fee

10,000/- per team and 3 members per team

Winning Prize

Shields & Prizes


Day Lunch, Refreshment, Certificate of Participation

Note: For more details please read competition rule book.

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