Quiz-Buzz Competition

Topic: Emerging Technologies

The Quiz Buzz competition on emerging technologies, tailored for young and aspiring innovative thinkers, is an exciting and intellectually stimulating segment of the competition designed for students in Grades 3 to 5 and grades 6 to 8, this competition tests their knowledge and quick thinking in a dynamic and interactive format.

  • Each team must consist of 2 students.
  • Teams will be provided with a manual at the time of registration for preparation.
  • A buzzer system will be used during the competition. The first team to press their buzzer gets the chance to answer.
  • After buzzing, the team must provide their answer within a specified time limit.
  • Correct answers will receive positive marks, while incorrect answers will result in negative marks.
  • The competition will be conducted in multiple rounds, with teams being eliminated based on their scores in each round.
  • Questions will cover a range of topics relevant to the emerging technologies curriculum and general knowledge in science.
  • Teams must adhere to the principles of fair play and sportsmanship throughout the competition.
  • The decisions made by the judges are final and binding in all aspects of the competition.
  • Teams must be present at their designated times for each round of the competition.

The Quiz Buzz competition is designed to not only test the knowledge of young students but also to enhance their quick thinking and teamwork skills in a fun and engaging way. Moreover, they will also get knowledge on emerging technologies with their application in this ever-changing world.

Who can participate

Students of Grades (3-5) and Grades (6-8) are eligible to participate and win this exciting Quiz Competition.

Registration Fee

10,000/- per team and 2 members per team

Winning Prize

Shields & Prizes


Day Lunch, Refreshment, Certificate of Participation

Note: Quiz preparation book will be provided after registration!

Note: For more details please read competition rule book.

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