Project Exhibition Competition

The Project Exhibition is a competition where students are invited to showcase their innovative projects.

Project Guidelines

Projects should be based on emerging technologies and should

demonstrate the student’s understanding of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering,

Arts, Mathematics) concepts. The projects should be original and not copied from any

other source. The project must be displayed with a poster board that highlights the key

features and design of the project. Robotmea Kits should be used to assemble the

projects. Participants can use other allied tools alongside kit parts i.e., sensors,

controllers, motors, thermopole sheets, or any other tool as per the requirement.

Presentation Guidelines

Students must prepare a presentation to showcase their

project to the judges. The presentation should be no longer than 3-5 minutes and

should cover the key features of the project, its design, and the student’s understanding

of STEAM concepts & extractions ability. The presentation can be delivered in a

bilingual style (Urdu and English).

Who can participate

This competition is open exclusively to students in Grade (3-5) and Grades (6-8).


3 Members per team

Registration Fee

10,000/- per team

Winning Prize

Shields & Prizes


Day Lunch, Refreshment, Certificate of Participation, Stall


 Participants must disclose any assistance or collaboration received during the project development.

Note: For more details please read competition rule book.