Line Following Robot

Line follower robots are a popular type of autonomous robot that is designed to follow a line or path marked on the floor. These robots are often used in edtech competitions to teach students about robotics and programming. Please note down the key rules and guidelines that must be followed when participating in line-follower robot competitions.

  • Robotmea Kits, LEGO MINDSTORMS kits, NXT 2.0, NXT 2.1, Ev3, or similar kits are allowed in the competition.
  • Pre-Assembled kits are not allowed. (i.e. Pololu kits, PID Pre-Designed Kits)
  • All robots must be autonomous, meaning that they must be able to navigate the course without any human intervention.
  • Robots must be able to follow a black line on a white background. The line must be at least 1inch wide.
  • The maximum size of the robot is limited to 25 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm.
  • The robot must not damage the course or the track at the activation.
  • The robot must not emit any harmful or disruptive substances or signals.
  • The Robot must not have any external means of control, such as a remote control.
  • The robot must be powered by a battery.
  • Teams are allowed to have up to 3 members.
  • Each team is allowed to bring one line follower robot in the competition.
  • Teams are required to provide their own tools and equipment for maintaining and repairing their robot during the competition.

It is important for teams participating in line follower robot competitions in Pakistan to familiarize themselves with these rules and guidelines to ensure that their robot is eligible to compete. By following these rules, teams can ensure that the competition is fair and enjoyable for all participants.

Track For Competition:

 ——————–Track will be Revealed on May 10th, 2023——————–

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