There is no escape from technology in the present times. If we have to win our share and bring this technology to our service and benefit, we need to act fast and act right. I believe Robotmea has come as a vanguard to the region’s educational needs and to help transform the schooling landscape. Let’s join hands to embed technology in our school curriculums to the benefit of our future generations

Students are now listening to their classmates’ opinions and ideas. They are learning from each other.” Students are even looking for ways to build their skills further, with learning rotations and combined, multi-group challenges. Thanks Robotmea.

I have seen students are behaving differently after taking Robotmea Robotic & STEAM based classes and they are learning real technology and becoming more innovative. Robotmea trained teachers are inculcating the real core competencies of 21st century educational skills such as critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration and most importantly character building. Well-done Robotmea team for reshaping Middle East, Africa & Pakistan towards innovative societies on the tenets of innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Center Of Excellence In Universities

Robotmea as regional vanguard to transform societies:

The world is moving towards innovation and entrepreneurship and there is a huge demand of converting traditional economies in to knowledge based economies by investing more in creative and vocational programs to transform the youth towards innovation and entrepreneurial minds. The rapid change of technological transformation with 4th industrial revolution on our head has left us with no choice except to train our generation to provide the platforms of innovation to encourage self-sufficient indigenous invention based society. On the other hand, economies will be developed on entrepreneurial minds where talented and creative youth will come up with the solutions of the industrialist pertaining to robotics and industrial automation.

Robotmea with the passion to encourage a society which is driven by science, technology and innovation will provide the opportunities to the young and talented minds in schools to convert scientific theoretical principals in to practical project based learning to sharpen their cognitive skills coupled with the integration of STEAM educational framework as an integrated course. Schools as a nursery will provide the innovative minds to the universities with the profound knowledge of robotics and AI.

Robotmea will strengthen universities with the labs where students will do the research and development on highly complex humanoids, platforms of Artificial Intelligence solutions with a patent language of Mini Robot (RoboBASIC) and it will lead the students towards industrial robotics, industrial automation and cyber physical system.

Key Deliverables:

  • A complete curriculum with the provision of Humanoids and AI platforms.
  • Simulation of the projects in one of the best languages for industrial robotics.
  • Complete training for the teachers.
  • Tailor-made solutions as per the need and requirements of the universities.
  • Student linkage with industries on their final year projects.
  • Commercialization of the innovative idea through “innovation and entrepreneurship”.
  • Linkage with universities in South Korea, Japan, China & Australia.
  • Joint project opportunities of the university students with international universities (Linkage with international exposure).
  • South Korean trainers or South Korean trained trainers will train the teachers and students.