Robo Sumo Competition

The competition will be held in a circular arena with a diameter of 1.5 meters.

  • The robots used in the competition must have a maximum dimension of 20cm x 20cm x 20cm.
  • Robot must be controlled Wirelessly/ Remote controller during the competition.
  • The competition will consist of three rounds, with each round lasting three minutes.
  • The robot that pushes its opponent out of the arena or disables its opponent wins the round.
  • The robot that wins two out of the three rounds is declared the winner of the match.
  • If both robots remain in the arena at the end of a round, the winner will be determined by the robot that has pushed its opponent the farthest from the center of the arena.
  • If a robot becomes disabled during the competition, it will be declared the loser of the round.
  • Any robot that intentionally damages or disables its opponent will be disqualified from the competition.
  •  Each team is responsible for ensuring the safety of their robot and the spectators.
  •  The participants should behave nicely & and show sportsman spirit during the competition. Any misconduct in behavior will result in disqualification.
  • The judges’ decision will be considered as final. Any complaint against the judge will only be addressed by the chief organizer of the conference.

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